Wolf Continental Agency association is your premium partner for all aspects of trading, distribution, and marketing with main emphasis on high quality, upmarket products.


About us

Wolf Continental Agency association is your premium partner for all aspects of trading, distribution, and marketing with main emphasis on high quality, upmarket products.

Wolf Continental is a family business which is led by the two brothers Wolf. Sascha Wolf and Guido Wolf started off in different fields of trade until they finally decided to join efforts and combine their skills in a newly founded company.
Looking at both brothers’ biographies and what they have accomplished so far proves that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Even today in our busy and sometimes hectic modern society we believe in certain old fashioned core values which are quite plain and simple but clearly define our actions as a company:

Always treat others the way you want to be treated.


Always treat others the way you want to be treated.

This simple moral philosophy which relates to Kant’s imperative is the most important pillar we have founded our company on.

According to this dictum we always make sure that we learn as much as possible about our trade partners, starting with machinists and pattern makers and ending with cashiers, accountants and suppliers.

Every link in our supply chain is treated with equal importance. We are also very much convinced by the somehow outdated rule of thumb that a personal conversation will tell you more about your business partners than myriads of anonymous e-mails.

As a result we often have to travel a lot but in the end it pays off for everybody: For us, for the manufacturer, and of course for the customer who gets the best product available.


Our Business-to-Business branch also focuses purely on top-of-the-line products with rich heritage and history.

We especially enjoy dealing with smaller companies or companies that already build on a rich tradition. This usually means that those brands will carry a range of products which in return reflects a well-defined attitude towards craftsmanship, tradition and expertise.

By browsing through our own portfolio you will find that we carry many of those products manufactured by various companies that all represent a healthy amount of ruggedness, quality of workmanship and old-fashioned style without looking outdated.


Our guiding principle for resource usage, in which the preservation of the following properties is paramount.

Preserving Resources & the Importance to appreciate the Value of a Product
Basically all of our products are manufactured according to a special dedicated philosophy: Make it as good as possible, make it as beautiful as possible, and make sure that it can be repaired, reconditioned or refurbished at any time.

These days too many products are manufactured to fit into our throw-away society. This is a disgusting trend which has to be faced with determined stubbornness.

“Don’t replace or throw away if it can be fixed!” We believe in the fact that our products don’t become shabby or worn out… they just gain patina and character.

And if something needs to be repaired after all we make sure that it can be brought back to life. This is something we owe to our customers but also something we owe to these old trades.


Manufacturers and Materials sourced locally
As much as we pay attention to longevity and general manufacturing quality, we always try to make sure that our manufacturers buy their raw materials from domestic suppliers. Several of our English and Scottish knitwear manufacturers receive their spun wool from wool mills literally around the corner.

Some of them in return use wool from certain old sheep breeds which are kept on local meadows. A manufacturing cycle cannot get any closer and tighter than that!

Manufactured to suit the market need
Sure, these days even quality products are sometimes manufactured in the Far East. But no matter what you order, no matter if it is cheaply made or a good product – everything is only available in bulk.

This is again something we do not want to support. Who needs a container load of cashmere sweaters if that means that a traditional European business will have to shut down? We firmly believe in the fact that rare and expensive materials are not unlimited and quality workmanship should always have its price.

According to that we are able to carry even the smallest of companies in our product range – because we believe in quality, not quantity.


Open-minded and cosmopolitan, yet deeply devoted to locally sourced products
Apart from the legendary international brands we carry, we always try to support smaller German manufacturers with strong tradition and heritage. If possible we always prefer locally sourced high-quality materials even if that means that we will have to pay a little extra. We are proud to support old crafts and trades.

To give an example: One of our product lines uses a special dedicated fabric extensively. Since we wanted to go with the best quality available we finally located a fabric manufacturer in Westphalia.

As a result we are using a raw material which is spun, woven, dyed and finished in one place. You cannot get more eco-friendly than that!


Creativity, a thorough knowledge of manufacturing traditions, and a passion for utmost quality not only are our assets but rather the core values our business is founded on.

Distribution & Wholesale

Our successful cooperation with our major U.S. partners



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Consequentially our team of consultants, conceptual designers, product developers and editors has a widespread field of interest.

In creative think tanks we combine and focus all efforts to achieve the best outcome. Of course this is only possible with a well-established and coordinated team which
literally runs like clockwork. Together we are fit to meet the most demanding of challenges. We are looking forward to your project.

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